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Some of our latest Rattan order arrived with some slight imperfections but we still want them to go to a good home.

Slight Imperfections are as follows (we have included some images of what the imperfections look like):

๐ŸŒŸ Some pieces have the tips of the nail joins popping out.
๐ŸŒŸ Some have loose 'threading' which holds the pieces together.
๐ŸŒŸ Some pieces aren't evenly connected.
๐ŸŒŸ Some have a slight crack in the top of the large finger.

Majority on our defects only have 1 of the following or maximum 2 imperfections.

We've included pictures so you can see what we mean. Majority of them are hardly even noticeable to the naked eye.

At full price these retail for $39.

For your little kid or big kid surfer of the house or beach enthusiast, this Shaka will bring a lot of โ€˜hang looseโ€™ to the home or kids bedroom.

Pair with a peace sign as the surfers popular gesture is a universal symbol of peace and happiness.

Care Instructions:

Rattan furniture is very durable, however care should be taken to keep your piece looking its best for years to come. Protect your piece from excess moisture, if spillage occurs blot the area immediately with a dry cloth.

Periodically wipe over with a soft damp cloth followed by a light application of good furniture polish or protection. If splitting has occurred due to excessive dryness you can treat this rattan/cane with Tung oil wiped with a soft cloth.

Each piece is unique so variations in colour, markings and finish will occur.

Our latest Rattan collection will bring so much simplicity but style to your walls, Designed by Homely Creatures in Australia.

Rattan makes a great sustainable choice for our environment. why?

For generations rattan has been used extensively all over southeast Asia to make furniture, baskets, plant containers and even homes. It is a multi faceted natural product with many uses. Rattan is related to the palm tree and grows like a tree only faster. It is one of the strongest woods in the world, with close to 600 types in its family. Ranging in thickness, different varieties are used throughout a product to create different textures and layers.

The use of rattan in furniture helps preserve forests by reducing the need to source wood from trees, preventing deforestation and logging. rattan is a fast growing vine and only takes a fraction of the time a tree takes to produce the equivalent amount of wood. The harvesting is also more eco-friendly and the sourcing of rattan also helps provide jobs for inhabitants of the areas to help boost and maintain a sustainable economy.

Rattan manufacturing is low tech, not requiring production facilities or machines that pollute the environment. The craftsmanship has been passed on through generations. Rattan can be weaved into many different objects and the best part is rattan is lightweight and durable.

Doing your part for the environment and since it's a natural material, it will eventually biodegrade back to where it came from.

Each piece of decor has been hand crafted by artisans from Bali using the highest quality rattan. Each piece is unique so variations in colour, markings and finish will occur.

Each piece is extremely lightweight and can be hung from a wall or rested on a shelf.

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