Defect Rattan Peace

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Some of our latest Rattan order arrived with some slight imperfections but we still want them to go to a good home.

Slight Imperfections are as follows (we have included some images of what the imperfections look like):

🌟 Incorrect stain used on some shell & peace products. Unfortunately these appear more ‘orange’ than ‘natural’.
🌟 The ‘orange’ stain is more noticeable in the threading and glued areas.
🌟 Some pieces have the head of nail connecting joins showing.
🌟 Some have loose 'threading' which holds the pieces together.
🌟 Some pieces aren't evenly connected.

This will be our 2nd and last round. We definitely WILL NOT be getting anymore. Once they are gone, they are gone. 

Display your friendship and harmony with this beautiful handcrafted peace symbol. 

Pair with a shaka sign as the surfers popular gesture is a universal symbol of peace and happiness.


Dimensions: 32cm Diameter

Care Instructions:

Rattan furniture is very durable, however care should be taken to keep your piece looking its best for years to come. Protect your piece from excess moisture, if spillage occurs blot the area immediately with a dry cloth.

Periodically wipe over with a soft damp cloth followed by a light application of good furniture polish or protection. If splitting has occurred due to excessive dryness you can treat this rattan/cane with Tung oil wiped with a soft cloth.

Each piece is unique so variations in colour, markings and finish will occur.

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