Defect Christmas Stockings (Australian Natives) - Small

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Defect Australian Native Christmas Stockings

Some of our handmade stockings arrived with some imperfections, as such we are selling these at a reduced price. Defects list below and images available:

🌟 All stockings don't have the loop connected. This will need to be either sewn or ironed on using Velcro. Very easy and doesn't take long

🌟 Some stockings are slightly square or pointed in the toe area or the stitching isn't 100% at the top of stocking.

🌟 Some stockings have more print on the back than the front. This might not be an issue depending on what you use the stockings for, or you can turn them around.

Other than the above, there are no issues with them and make for great Christmas gifts or decorations.

Stocking Details:

  • Each small stocking is 12.5cm x 15cm

Your stockings are made from eco-friendly organic grown cotton using low impact methods and materials. Keeping the environment buzzing, the cotton has been grown without toxic pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.  The design print is dyed and printed using low impact and non-toxic materials, keeping Mumma nature cheering! Each stocking is ethically handmade supporting fair trade and certified by the World Fair Trade Organisation. 

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