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Marine Themed Bedroom Mammals Are Awesome!

Willy the Whale - the perfect pal for those little ones who are obsessed with life under the sea. Our cuddly knitted whale cushion, Willy is made by artisans in Bolivia from 100% Alpaca wool. 

With his friendly smiling face and soft snuggly texture, our knitted whale cushion has been designed to inspire curiosity about these amazing marine mammals. 

What does Willy the Whale do for fun? He chases plankton and leaps through the air of course. Adopt him today so he can take pride of place in a special nook, on a chair, or as a cuddly cot companion. 


  • Measuring 42cm x 28cm.
  • Whale cushion knitted from 100% Alpaca wool.
  • Alpaca wool is extremely soft and not prickly like sheep's wool.
  • Alpaca wool is hypoallergenic (contains no lanolin) and is a natural water repellant.

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