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Our new rental home

How was your weekend? I spent mine moving into a great little two bedroom terrace house in Fitzroy North (Melbourne). The way I've been going on about it, you'd think that we bought the place, but sadly we are just renting. I knew when we applied that it was a great area but until now I didn't realise just how lucky we are. On our corner is the super delicious Dench Bakers, which is next to a cute shop Heroes and Villains (much potential for being a possible Homely Creatures stockist) and last but not least, an awesome Piedimonte's grocery store that stays open late and has everything we could ever need including a drool-worthy cheese deli. I'm also very...

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Living room decorated 3 ways with the same grey couch

As I patiently await to see what house we will end up living in, I spend hours online creating a wish list for furniture and homewares to full it with. Perhaps one of the most important pieces, I have put a lot of thought into what couch I would want. The colour, size and comfort of the couch need to be considered but also the look, and how versatile this look is to be a backdrop for my ever changing taste in colours and décor style. One inspirational image I keep on going back to and drooling over is this interior with a grey couch with pink and black added for a homely but still chic look. I included it...

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DIY Terrarium Tutorial

A few years ago I developed an unhealthy obsession with terrariums. A grass and mushroom addiction of a different kind, I couldn’t get enough of creating these mini green worlds, complete with hand-crafted clay mushrooms or garden gnomes for decoration. I knew I had a problem when I had to wade through a sea of collected glass jars to get to get out of my bedroom, and friends were starting to notice the mud under my fingernails. My friends would mock me as I demanded they pull over so I could harvest the moss I had just spotted on the side of the road. (Yes, I would carry a plastic take-away container and paint scraper around with me everywhere. So...

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Somewhere that I used to live

So, I've done it. I've made the move to Melbourne! But all this packaging and digging out coats and scarves has made me reminisce of days in London. I have never missed her more than I do right now, so I thought it fitting to post about the perfect place I used to live in East London - a safe oasis of lush living called 'Bow Quarter'. My boyfriend and I couldn't believe our luck when a good friend invited us to rent his small but amazing flat after he flew away to Australia. Bow quarter used to be a match factory before it got converted into seven hundred and something flats. When taking us on the tour of the...

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DIY Fawn Cushion / Pillow by Homely Creatures

A little surprise for you today - that's right, I'm giving away my trade secrets! The Homely Creatures fawn cushion is one of our most popular products but today I am walking you through how to make your very own cute creature cushion! You will need: At least 60 x 110 cm piece of cotton canvas material A pencil and some A3 paper A black Sharpie pen or fabric paint Fabric scissors 10-20 safety pins A sewing machine, complete with white cotton Stuffing / wadding Needle and white cotton thread DIY Instructions: 1. On an A3 sheet of paper, sketch out your character. It might not be a fawn - maybe your favourite animal is a cat. Tip: If you...

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