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Week 3. Gift wrapping ideas

It’s Christmas, it’s Christmas! It’s finally here! Deciding on the theme of Christmas gift wrapping makes some of us so excited each year. It’s the first impression your gifts get to make before they’re opened and, as they sit there under the tree for the days leading up to Christmas, they can really add to the excitement and anticipation of the festive season. If you really want to put in some effort, a beautifully-wrapped gift can even become a part of your Christmas décor.

Over the years I have set a theme over my large extended family so everyone can get their creatives on whether it be choosing colours, textures, natives or hand made it's great to see the talent when we all come together or some not so creative but it’s always a good laugh for trying right?!

I've put together a little video showing you some great different creative wrapping ideas. Give them one, two or three a try!


Week 2. How to neatly gift wrap including tricky shapes

Christmas is the time where your gift wrapping skills are going to be motoring wrapping many a gift! Make gift wrapping fun, not something to be feared! People can sometimes avoid gift wrapping, particularly if the gift is an odd shape or large. Don’t fear it, just give it ago! I’ve put together a simple step by step video and some steps below on how to gift wrap items such as an easy box right up to our big awkward gifts, such as our Billy the Bear. 

Let’s keep things simple, my method can be applied to any gift/item. Regardless of the size and shape, if you follow these simple steps you CAN’T go wrong! Trust me, I’ve had years of practice from my volunteer gift wrapping at Christmas Gift Wrap stalls.

  1. Place item in the middle of the gift wrap to cut, making sure you have enough paper to bring together and at the ends;
  2. Tape to ends together down the middle of the gift;
  3. Twist gift so one end is facing you, much easier to work;
  4. Push the 2 sides (left & right) into the middle, fold the top down and bring the bottom up to cover the side and top folds;
  5. Tape and your done;
  6. Repeat on the other end.


  • If you leave yourself short of paper when you cut, don’t be afraid to angle the gift and bring the corners together, this saves on paper and works really well;
  • If you want neat folds at each end, do a fold over the top of the bottom bit before you fold it up. This will hide your cutting! I know sometimes my cutting isn’t straight!
  • When you fold up in the middle and tape, you can tape towards the top or bottom, that way it makes the fold/tape less obviously. This is only a ‘nice’ not a ‘must’.
  • Don’t worry if there a creases in your paper from folding, adds a rustic look, and rustic is totally in, especially at Christmas time.
  • Put small  or awkward gifts in spare box, that will make wrapping 1000 times easier, and creates a sense of mystery when the person opens it. You might wrap a gift voucher in a show box, now that will make anyone laugh!
  • Make yourself a nice bow using our how to make bows video to spice up your gift and add that WOW factor.

Week 1. The secrets to a perfect Christmas bow

Bows can be subtle or add so much wow factor to a plainly wrapped gift. There are so many styles and most people attempt and give up on bows. But I have stepped this out so simply and also with my step by step video so you won’t have any issues this Christmas!

Double Bow: 
(Works best with a wider ribbon) 

  1. Measure up ribbon, allowing enough extra once wrapped around gift to create the bows;
  2. Lay ribbon flat on nice side of gift (where there are no paper joins), turn over, bring ribbon together tightly, put a little twist, and bring ribbon back up the other side;
  3. Feed each end of the ribbon under the flat side and tie into a knot;
  4. Do a bow, however you like, making sure you have enough ribbon at each end;
  5. Then simply tie another bow, making sure it finishes in the gaps where your other bow isn’t;
  6. Cut ribbon ends however you like, you can get creative here.
  7. These double bows will wow the person you are giving your gift to, trust us! Every time we do this bow, we get many comments, and it is so simple! 

Folded Bow:
(Works best with a wider, non slippery ribbon)

  1. Wrap ribbon around you 4 fingers into a loop, with your hand palm facing up (easier to manage);
  2. Fold the ribbon back and forth as if you are making a fan;
  3. Making each fold length longer, so the bow has different length, ie long to short (long being on the bottom of the bow and short on the top)
  4. Once you’ve got ribbon to desired number of ‘levels’, push done all levels in the middle and staple;
  5. Ensure enough ribbon on the bottom to tie around and cover up the staple;
  6. You can even staple under the first (smaller) loop so then it is hidden, and makes the top loop a puffy one;
  7. Attach the bow with double sided tape to the gift in desired spot;
  8. You could even wrap ribbon around the gift like you would for the double bow, and attach the bow to the centre of the ribbon joins.

Old School Curly Bow:
(Use the thin curling ribbon)

  1. Wrap the ribbon around the gift you like you do for your double bow and tie a knot, leaving enough on the ends for curling;
  2. Add as many bits of ribbon as desired; tying a knot and leaving enough on the ends for curling;
  3. Take your scissors, open then up, place ribbon on the sharp side and pull down with the scissors, this will curl the ribbon. Be sure not to cut yourself;
  4. Repeat on all bits of ribbon you added.

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  • What a wonderful idea, thanks so much for sharing these tips. Will definitely be putting this to use this Christmas.

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