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We are Catherine and Kristy, we’re the faces behind Homely Creatures. Best friends and busy mums with a passion for children's décor.

Do you want to get to know us more? Go on, you know you do! Keep reading to find out 10 random things you didn’t know about each of us!

Catherine (the blonde!)
1. I was 11 when I decided I wanted to become a flight attendant! I was travelling to and from Brisbane on a small local airline (recall it was Ansett Airlines back then) and thought wow these ladies look amazing and professional. A few years later I was talked out of this from someone that was in this industry..
2. Addicted to errr.... Coffee. Life's too short to give this up! 
3. I grew up on a cattle and crop farm in a small country town near Central Queensland. Best upbringing in the country.. I miss the night skies and fresh air.. so many amazing memories. Can’t take the country out of a now city girl.
4. I am a mad foodie, always dining out as much as we can. My favourite food, this is definitely a tough one! Can't go past blue cheese and paté.. 
5. I'm a Gemini, without the split personality I'm always cracking a joke or doing
something a little cray cray to make my friends laugh.
6. Have I ever done anything crazy while intoxicated? Define crazy? Eek! I'm a country girl... (I phoned a friend and will come back to you on this)
7. My husband and I love renovating properties! It’s challenging but it’s become a lot easier over the years.
8. My hair is frizzy on one side and takes a lot of maintenance!! Wash, blow dry and straightening along side a lot of product to keep the blonde from drying out. Oh and I'm going grey... so the blonde is helping disguise that!
9. My favourite travel destination, and ooh this is a tough one! I've had the travel bug since I wanted to become a flight attendant. Being from the country I'm going to choose two places, Aitutaki in the Cook Islands & Italy - can't really break it down to my favourite place there..
10. What gives you motivation each day...Knowing that I am trying to serve a purpose in life. When my times up I want to be known for impact.. whether that be a nurturing mum or a successful business women. #purpose

Kristy (the brunette!)
1. I wanted to be a professional tennis player, I thought I was that bloody good, that one day I'd represent Australia! I’m still dreaming of it!
2. Coffee! Sneakers! Watches!  My three biggest addictions (Currently on a ban from buying sneakers)!
3. I was born in Adelaide (SA) but spent my childhood in the Darwin & Alice Springs (NT), before moving to Brisbane for University and been here ever since.
4. I love noodles & chicken wings, but not together!!! Love Chinese mein egg noodles amazing! My husband makes the best mein noodles! Everyone will definitely want to try them. I'm the chicken wing head chef in our house! Crispy ones...or sticky honey soy.. all are amazing! !! 
5. When I find a song I like, I'll listen to it on repeat until I don't like it anymore!!!!! Drives my husband nuts!!! I am also an ironing freak & love hanging washing on
the line except when its hot.
6. Once when slightly intoxicated I let my friend paint the Australian Flag on my face on Australia Day celebrations! I have photo proof.
7. Having twins has been a good lesson in organisation!! Particularly when they were babies. I've always been a pretty organised (some would say too
organised) person, but having twins took that organisation to the next level! When
they were babies we were down to the hour schedule, or else we'd always be chasing our tail and living in chaos! But we wouldn't have it any other way. Olivia & Isabella are by far one of my greatest life gifts.
8. Before 2018, I had only coloured my hair ONCE...when I was 13!!! Dislike the
amount of grey hairs coming through as I age!!! Not that I can really complain, I
can still count them, so not too many!!!! 
9. I have more than just one favourite travel destination, but since coming back from Japan, I would have to say JAPAN, the friendliest people, cleanest city, amazing food, beautiful scenery, amazing  technology, & everywhere is so accommodating with children. Also love Hong Kong, as I feel like a bit of a local having been so many times, I know my way around.
10. What gives me motivation each day....My desire to achieve something great personally and professionally. I want to make a difference to someones life no matter how small every day. My adorable children and super supportive husband will always be motivation for me to be the best mum, wife and business woman.

That's us in 10 points! 


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