Tutorial and Free Printable Cross-stitch Heart Valentine's Card

Valentine's Day is nearly here and for those of you who celebrate it or just celebrate craft in general we have a very special tutorial and free printable download created by junior Homely Creature Amy!!

I'm sure you will agree that Amy has done a fabulous job with this DIY cross-stitch heart card. It's the cutest thing ever!! Not sure I am willing to part with mine.

Lovers and craft-lovers enjoy!

To get started, Download your FREE printable Valentine's Day card here.

You will need..
- A sheet of A4 card (and colour you like!)
- A printer
- Scissors
- Some red cross-stitch thread (or a colour to contrast your card)
- A needle
- A pin for poking holes


Step 1: Download your Free Printable Valentine's Day card.

Step 2: Print on A4 card

Step 3: Cut out the 210mm x 105mm rectangle

Step 4: Fold the card in half so that the dots are at the front of the card

Step 5: Use a pin to poke holes through the marked dots

Step 6: Use a needle and thread; pull the needle through the holes you’ve created, and create a series of X-shaped stitches. Work from the top to bottom of the heart. Use the above instructional images as a guide. You are now cross stitching! Yay!

Step 7: Finish up by tying a knot inside of the card.

You’re done! Happy Valentine's Day!!

free valentine's day card tutorial