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Tutorial and Free Printable Cross-stitch Heart Valentine's Card

Valentine's Day is nearly here and for those of you who celebrate it or just celebrate craft in general we have a very special tutorial and free printable download created by junior Homely Creature Amy!! I'm sure you will agree that Amy has done a fabulous job with this DIY cross-stitch heart card. It's the cutest thing ever!! Not sure I am willing to part with mine. Lovers and craft-lovers enjoy! To get started, Download your FREE printable Valentine's Day card here. You will need.. - A sheet of A4 card (and colour you like!) - A printer - Scissors - Some red cross-stitch thread (or a colour to contrast your card) - A needle - A pin for poking...

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Wednesday's Doodle - DeerBorn

When I stayed 3 wonderful months in the Mission, San Francisco I lived near a pretty street called 'Dearborn'. This drawing of a fawn is inspired by this lovely street and the street art stickers around San Francisco that I felt could have a little more feminine influence :) I hope you like it! Cause its also available at the Homely Creatures Society6 Shop. I think it makes an adorable cushion!

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Homely Creatures Greeting Cards Ahoy!

There is no better feeling than when a parcel of goodies of my own design arrives. Homely Creatures will be holding our first and second market stall on the first weekend of December - just in time for Christmas! Greeting cards are just one of our products on offer. Stay tuned to hear what other lovelies will be available and which markets you will find us at.

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Wednesday's Doodle - The Owl & the Pussycat

The owl and the pussy-cat went to sea in a beautiful pea green boat. Well here goes! To make sure I get plenty of drawing practice, I hope to bring you a brand new doodle every Wednesday. And here is number one, The Owl & the Pussycat. I hope you like it? This illustration is available in the Homely Creatures shop! You can get my designs as prints, on T-shirts, hoodies or even as an iphone case. Sadly those of you outside of the US will have to be patient as goodies wing their way to you, but the shipping costs are still quite reasonable!  

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