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DIY Succulent Warmer Tutorial

The weather is changing with Easter approaching once again. It's the time of year when there is a silent victim, suffering sadly with neglect. Sure they are hardy and don't need much attention to survive, but succulents deserve love and warmth just as much as your ferns and creepers do, don't they? I challenge you to STAND up for succulents' rights and make a statement. Give your little green friend's the love they deserve this coming winter and make them their own woolly weather warmers. Junior Homely Creature 'Eve' has put together this adorable DIY succulent warmer tutorial just for you. The perfect project for your Easter break! Design One: Succulent Bag with Knitted panelling (L.H.S of image above) Medium...

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Woven neon dip-dyed succulent hanging planter tutorial

Hello again lovelies! I have a great new project for you. It's a woven neon yellow dip-dyed succulent hanging planter tutorial (phew, try saying that 10 times fast!) I've been having a bit of a love affair with natural tones matched with neon yellow lately, and a few weeks back I learned how to weave at Megan Morten and Maryanne Moodie's 'The School'. I am also loving hanging succulent planters and the dip dyed trend, so I thought why not mush all these lovely ideas together into one crafty creation? Now before you squeal with excitement as I did when I started this mini masterpiece, be warned that this isn't the easiest DIY project around. It can get quite fiddly...

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