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'The Room Illuminated' Features my Living Room

What a dream come true! My living room/kitchen has been featured on The Room Illuminated blog. The lovely and talented Kate found Homely Creatures through the Pedestrian TV Blogster awards when we both came up as finalists. Kate got in touch when she saw that I lived and Melbourne and asked if I would like to have my living room photographed for her awesome blog which is all about taking a peak into the favourite rooms of every day people. Naturally I said yes. What a treat to have a visit from Kate! Within minutes I felt like I had known her for years which is a neat quality to have when you make a habit of going around and...

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Photo Folly - Sneaky Spider

I found this sneaky spider hiding underneath a rose petal in a pretty garden in London. I love the peach and fire-like colours and how delicate the spider and the petal seems. That's another great thing about living in London and surrounds is the pretty English gardens and perfect rose bushes on each street. It would take all of my self control not to pinch them to brighten up a gloomy bedroom. Compared to some parts of Australia, there is also a lack of creepy-crawlies in England, so I felt quite special meeting tiny mister spider. HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE!!

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Photo Folly - Christine

This Friday's Folly includes my awesome friend Christine. Christine is the kind of girl who always looks good, and has the most amazing clothes, accessories and hair. She is loads of fun and, like her pretty kitty is very photogenic. Look at their lovely blue eyes! I took this pic of her at her old house in Milton. Happy Friday!!!

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