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Inside my home - The guest room

Hello lovelies. How are we this happy hump day? Recently I have been attempting to balance launching the Homely Creatures product range with freelance work and getting our place ready for visitors. I can't tell you how much I enjoy having guests over, especially when they are friends from London who I haven't seen in ages. My inner house wife comes out and I transform my disaster-zone-esk office into a welcoming guest room. The office/guest-bedroom has a different character to the rest of the house because this is where I keep a lot of my fun, colourful and quirky homewares. In this room, I explore my love of bright colours and craft with my handmade wire fox bust and neon...

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Pretty Pin - Pretty Polly

There is something about this pin which I believe is a scan of a page from Great Dane Furniture Press. I love the old metal bed that has been restored in a brilliant orange that jumps deliciously off the other layered colours in the room, playing cheekily with the yellow from the cockatoo's feathers. And the chequerboard rug just pulls everything together somehow.. I want one!

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