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Melbourne Markit

I was lucky enough to visit the Melbourne 'Markit' last weekend, and I thought I'd share a couple of snaps with you as I was so very inspired by all of the talented designers/crafters there are in this great city. I bagged myself a bargain with one of the pastel pink jelly-mould-like hanging planter pots from Angus & Celeste. It seems as though plants are a trend to last for the next while with cute baskets, neon string and scrumptious ceramics containing succulents and the like as far as the eye could see. Speaking of trends also managed to score some AWESOME gold glitter tape from Blank. I love their simple yet adorable range of blank goodies that inspire creativity...

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Homely Creatures Christmas Wrapping Kits!

With December market stalls looming (this weekend) I got a bit excited and wanted to make the perfect pressie wrapping kit for Homely Creatures customers. Who's got time to go out to Spotlight sales and elbow through the crowds to find the last bit of red ribbon they have left? Well apparently I do... cause I have managed to put together 5 kits that will make your presents look better than the rest. Your friends/family will be so impressed by the presentation that they might not even notice that you were on a tight present budget this year! Buy them from the Homely Creatures Etsy Shop. Each crafty kit contains: 2 x pieces of brown paper screen-printed white pattern 1...

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Homely Creatures Greeting Cards Ahoy!

There is no better feeling than when a parcel of goodies of my own design arrives. Homely Creatures will be holding our first and second market stall on the first weekend of December - just in time for Christmas! Greeting cards are just one of our products on offer. Stay tuned to hear what other lovelies will be available and which markets you will find us at.

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