In the Press - Homely Creatures in Inside Out Magazine

So a couple of weeks ago, my wildest dreams came true. One of my cushions was chosen to appear in a kids lifestyle interior shoot in the one and only Inside Out Magazine!! I didn't know for sure that my Sleeping Bear Cushion would be featuring in this awesome magazine until the issue was published and there he was, sitting happily amongst products from super star brands I admire Such Great Heights, and Country Road.

inside out magazine homely creatures bear cushion
Even now I am still finding it hard to believe that my wee design has made it into one of the biggest interior design magazines in the country and one of my personal favourites. But every time I open the pages... there he is, still there snoozing away like it aint no thing. Ha ha. It almost feels like my cushions have grown up and started independent lives of their own!

Stylist Jessica Hanson and photographer Sam McAdam have done a marvellous job on this adorable masterpiece! You can still go out and grab yourself a copy of this March issue of Inside Out Magazine from news agents everywhere. You know I have my copy (or three!)