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Tutorial and Free Printable Cross-stitch Heart Valentine's Card

Valentine's Day is nearly here and for those of you who celebrate it or just celebrate craft in general we have a very special tutorial and free printable download created by junior Homely Creature Amy!! I'm sure you will agree that Amy has done a fabulous job with this DIY cross-stitch heart card. It's the cutest thing ever!! Not sure I am willing to part with mine. Lovers and craft-lovers enjoy! To get started, Download your FREE printable Valentine's Day card here. You will need.. - A sheet of A4 card (and colour you like!) - A printer - Scissors - Some red cross-stitch thread (or a colour to contrast your card) - A needle - A pin for poking...

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A hearty breakfast

This morning I made my mister this 'hearty' breakfast. You should have seen mine - made up of all the messy off-cuts of his neat love shaped toast and eggs. But they say love is about sacrifice so was happy to have more of a 'scrambled' English breakfast this time :) Happy Valentine's Day!! Got anything planned for your special someone?

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Love Letters Valentine's Font

Recently I discovered this awesome ipad app that allows you to create your own hand-drawn font very easily. It's called iFont Maker and isn't cheap but for the hours of entertainment I got out of it plus the many funky new fonts that are all mine, it was totally worth it! With Valentine's Day fast approaching I thought I would design a 'Love Letters' font just for you. You can download it here just in time to draft your other half a love letter that gets you enough brownie points to last you until next year!

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