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Inside my home – The lounge

Hi! Come in, come in. Come through to my lounge. Take a seat. Can I make you a cuppa? :) A couple of weeks ago I showed you inside my guest room/office. Today its the living area. Although it isn't where I'm supposed to be working (given such a great office) it is where I spend most of my time. I love this room! A lovely open space with white walls, an awesome couch and sliding glass doors that let the sun pour in. There is a great view of our courtyard and easy access to the open plan kitchen, which I will show you soon enough. Also easy on the eyes is the lounge chair that I found at...

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The Fiddle Leaf Fig - A lovely indoor plant

Do you ever get your heart set on something for your home, only to spend hours and hours searching in vein for somewhere you could buy it from? This seems to be happening to me weekly at the moment. Think I can find just an ordinary, affordable, timber bed base with no bed head attached? Think I can find some outdoor string lights that aren't in primary colours? Think again. I can waste DAYS trawling through Ebay, Gumtree, and online shops looking for that one specific thing that I just don't want to compromise on... and this time it was a beautiful indoor plant know as the 'Fiddle Leaf Fig' or 'Ficus Lyrata'. I have seen it appearing more and...

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Australian Home

About a year ago, I threw caution to the wind and became somewhat of a drifter. Ever since, I have had more opportunities to live in some amazing temporary dwellings, than I ever would have dreamed of! The latest abode-tunity leads me to pinch myself, as I have everything a girl could ever want including wood panelling, tasteful decorating, a lovable black Labrador called 'Darrell' and even a kitchen sink (the last place I lived in didn't actually have one.) And best of all, the house owner actually thinks I'm doing her a favour by house-sitting! This beautiful house in Kangaroo Point, Brisbane reminds me a lot of the Queenslander I grew up in from it's front bedrooms with French...

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Art for walls

1. Be Brave by Kelli Murray, Print available here. 2. Movement with a Purpose by Fede Saenz 3. Bear by Hadar Geva, Print available here. 4. It's the Little Things, by Homely Creatures, Print available here. It's the beginning of a new year so what better time than to give your pad a face lift. Luckily you don't have to break your budget to get a fresh new look as there is some seriously awesome art prints available for pocket money from websites like Society6. Here are a couple of pieces I am loving at the moment, most of which you could call your own after a couple of clicks! Dam internet shopping is just TOO EASY these days. One...

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