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Inside my home – The lounge

Hi! Come in, come in. Come through to my lounge. Take a seat. Can I make you a cuppa? :) A couple of weeks ago I showed you inside my guest room/office. Today its the living area. Although it isn't where I'm supposed to be working (given such a great office) it is where I spend most of my time. I love this room! A lovely open space with white walls, an awesome couch and sliding glass doors that let the sun pour in. There is a great view of our courtyard and easy access to the open plan kitchen, which I will show you soon enough. Also easy on the eyes is the lounge chair that I found at...

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Striped Flamingos by Homely Creatures

I've decided to 'step it up' a bit with my weekly designs and from now on am only going to deliver artworks that I would proudly display in my hypothetical home or as a decal on my hypothetical ipad. This is until I become less 'pothetical' and acquire a real-life home and real-life ipad. Upon making this commitment I realised that right now, I admire simple imagery with bold patterns and not a lot of different colours or detail. (See also yesterday's post for the colours that I can't get enough of this week). But although I like bold patterns I am not out to make a huge statement about the kind of person I am, unless if that statement...

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Collecting Colours - Black, white and peachy pinks

If you are anything like me you collect colours. Like some kind of human-shaped bower bird, some days I come home from the shops and realise later that everything I have bought that day is the same colour. This week I emptied my bag of a nail polish, a greeting card and a new skirt that were all the same peachy shade of pink! I then noticed that all of the Pinterest pictures I had been pinning were also peachy, black and white. Next week I'm sure I will subconsciously switch to another pallet but this week's theme is very clear. Above is some evidence of my strange habit! 1. Interior and DIY cloud by Mer Mag (a gorgeous blog)...

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