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2013 in Review

Wow what a year! It has easily been the biggest year of my life with so many important things happening. At the beginning of 2013, Robin and I were living in Brisbane having moved over from London to Australia. Robin was looking for work and got a job in Melbourne which is awesome because Melbourne is the coolest (fact). So we moved to Melbs, found a rental in Fitzroy North and built a nest. I got to decorate the whole place pretty much from scratch which was immensely satisfying. Then it was head down, bum up and working on launching my Homely Creatures range. It has been my dream ever since I can remember to start my own product range...

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Happy New Year!

2012, its been amazing! Thank you for amazing experiences in San Francisco and the US, some awesome projects with lovely clients, sad goodbyes to London, new adventure in Australia, and new beginnings with Homely Creatures! 2013, nice to meet you. I know we are going to get along great.

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