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Dust off your pencils, textas, crayons, chalk and paintbrushes, because Homely Creatures is launching an old school colouring competition! 

They say it happens overnight: Your child goes off to preschool, a master of scribbling. Then, you are handed a piece of artwork that shows they’ve tried to colour inside the lines for the first time. It’s a big moment — and you deserve to do your proud parent dance.

BUT.. is there a difference between boys and girls?? Personally and from experience comparing children of the same age and boys don’t appear to be interested as much as the girls do. Catherine is definitely aware of this with her son. However, Catherine’s been told children develop the interest between 3 and 5 years which is perfectly OK when her son has only just turned 3. Phew.. sigh of relief. Kristy’s soon to be 4 year old twin girls can quietly sit for a lengthy period and colour. Again is this a girl thing? Let’s find out!

I think parents underestimate how much colouring is a fine motor skill, well doing this research has proven that and that’s why we’ve been diving into the psychology of colour. We will be sharing and putting into practice some of our findings with you all as it can have a massive impact on the psychology of children.

Some of the benefits that we have found are the following. We hope you can watch your children, observe and see how the below meets their colouring activities:

1. Improves handwriting - The ability to hold and manipulate a pencil on paper. Yup when you think about it… in a child’s eyes holding a “stick” object takes strength!  Eventually the strength (like lifting weights) will assist with correcting pencil grasp. Maybe I should apply this with my husband?? Or is it too late to correct his handwriting?? 

2. Quiet time & patience - Colouring can help your children to learn the skill of patience. Let’s face it, toddlers and young children can go through phases where patience doesn’t exist, well to them that is! Sometimes a glass of wine is in need for mum and dad!

They have independence to colour the shapes and figures anyway they wish and provides kids with a sense of accomplishment when finished the colouring. Proud as punch they are and mum and dad hang it on the fridge or straight to the pool room.

3. Confidence - Regular colouring also improves confidence in little ones providing them with the sense of accomplishment, which builds their self esteem and confidence. 

4. Hand eye coordination and focus!  - The basic coordination skills of holding pencils and crayons with all sizes, sharpening pencils and recognizing what colour to use, can help your children greatly. Hand eye coordination isn’t just about ball skills, colouring within the specified diagram area of a colouring page develops over time. It also fights cognitive loss, especially if you choose challenging and difficult drawing sheets. Colouring a picture can help your children to recognize lines, perspective, colour, hue, shape and form. This, eventually, aids your children to decide on what colours they will use in their next picture. 

It’s not rocket science but you just don’t think about all of these things with colouring and I certainly need to keep trying with my 3yr old!

5. Stimulates Creativity - Colouring gives your kids an opportunity to express their creative side (right side of the brain for those that didn’t know). Did you know that children already have the imagination ready in their mind before drawing? So, hand your kids a box of crayons and see what they create! Ask them to draw something for their bedroom and see what they come up with! It will make for a great 21st birthday story I bet!

Don’t stress if your kids are not colouring properly and colouring outside the lines. Praise them for their effort. If you see your kids making mistakes while colouring, help them with it instead! Teach them how to fill a space and do up and down stroke. Colouring is also an excellent medium of expression. Children often express their personality through drawing and colouring.

6. Motor Skills - Colouring can improve motor skills in your children. The motions involved in colouring like holding the crayons or pencils and scribbling can help in the development of the tiny muscles in their wrist, fingers and hand. Colouring helps to develop and strengthen the hand muscles, which later helps with activities like typing and lifting objects. Fine motor skills help your children to write and manipulate small objects. This helps your children to perform better academically.

7. Therapeutic - Colouring is therapeutic for some kids and adults, especially if we do it frequently. Who doesn’t like to doodle in a notepad? Colouring enables kids to vent their feelings, frustrations and other emotions. 

8. Colour recognition - Children receive their first exposure to the colour wheel by crayons, paint and coloured pencils and pens. They learn to tell the difference between green, blue, yellow, red, pink and so on. Using different colours gives your children a chance to explore the different colour combinations. It also teaches your children about lesser known colours. Children who learn early about the colour wheel have an easier time understanding the makeup and mixing of colours.

9. Self-Expression - Some children like to express themselves through words, while some use it through art. You can tell a lot about a person by the colours they use and the image they draw. If my toddler was to draw disturbing pictures of blood / skulls I would definitely seek a second opinion! 

And there you have it - so much GREAT stuff just from colouring pencils and a piece of paper! 

We decided there are a lot of similar competitions out there for mums, so why not share this with the little ones for all to enjoy and every little one gets a prize for entering.

Download our llama colouring template and send us pictures during the process and of the final product via Facebook Messenger, Instagram DM or Email. We will load ALL the entries onto our website for you to share with your family and friends. 

Competition closes 31st October at 8pm - please keep up to date via our Facebook and Instagram pages.

We hope you gain something from our journey with the psychology of colour and get to explore with your little ones! 

Catherine & Kristy x

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