In case you missed it, our new arrivals coming next week are looking a little different… 

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During these weird and whacky times (COVID-19), so many people have been asking for ‘carbon footprint’ and stylish masks..

Listen carefully, we bit the bullet and decided that we needed to make some you beaut eco friendly masks

We hear you saying..’not another business creating flamin masks’.. 

We get it, here they are.

So we drank an espresso martini and decided we needed to be different to others..

But not to just help kick this virus in the butt.

We want to help reduce land fill. 

That’s what.

We haven’t forgotten about it. 

In case you and your friends have, check this out

Mask pollution

Bad right?

Discarded face masks are piling up on Hong Kong’s beaches and nature trails, with environmental groups warning that the waste is posing a huge threat to marine life and wildlife habitats. 

If you can help out, is share this blog and make people aware the damage these plastic one use masks are doing.

So after these espresso martinis, we decided Hemp is highly sustainable, requiring just a third of the land, water and fertilizer that cotton does.

So with the combined Hemp and Cotton we have this nature created mask.

You see, ORGANIC COTTON farmers use non-genetically modified crops and abstain from any synthetic pesticides and fertilisers, which are harmful and damaging to both people and the environment. Producing certified organic cotton requires less water and energy, and the end result is a  strong, natural fabric that makes an organic bag washable and easy care for reuse.

HEMP is a naturally strong, breathable, and durable fibre. It is fast becoming the ideal fabric of the future due to its low impact on the environment. Hemp has high resistance to pests and it's dense growth does not require chemicals of any kind. As well as being 100% compostable at the end of its life, the plant regenerates and improves soil health as it grows. Hemp bags are rot resistant, can be machine washed and have a texture like linen.

So we’ve chatted all things hemp and cotton, oh let us take a sip of another espresso martini.. OK so we do realise that we’re making some difference to the environment, but what about protecting you? Well you see the carbon filters we provide come with 5 layers giving a 7 layer mask once fitted within the mask slot. Seven!!! 

Oh hey here’s a peak at the masks:

hemp cotton blend face masks

Did we also mention that these are created from international designer fabric offcuts? Reducing the carbon footprint yet again!!! (Your welcome).

Available for early purchase NOW and we’ll start shipping them out this week.

You gotta move fast and decisively before we sell out


To your health

Catherine & Kristy x

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