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Hey There,

We hope everyone is keeping fit, healthy and coping during this COVID-19 isolation, and doing it with a SMILE. 

We thought now would be the greatest opportunity to bring some inspiration to you and perhaps get your creative juices flowing!

We’re two mums from a corporate world taking on side hustles to have a better work life balance AND work for ourselves and do what we LOVE. We want to INSPIRE other mums that they can too do just that.

We HOPE we can inspire you to follow your passion and turn that passion into reality. We frame it as DREAM.TALK. DO. 

We want to introduce you to another mumma, that is doing just as we are!

Meet Jemma.....

A mumma to two gorgeous children Matilda and Archie and let’s not forget Olive their fur-baby. We first met Jemma when we purchased Homely Creatures in 2018. There was something special about Jemma that we seemed to bond so well with her as a person. We keep thinking, is it because she enjoys a crisp wine, or an espresso martini like us? 

Whilst it is the wine and the martinis, it's simply because she’s an all round sweet kind hearted person who is a BIG SUPPORTER of small business. 

Jemma has an eye for styling a children's room or capturing her little sweethearts that instantly draws your eye for more. And when we say MORE, Jemma just keeps providing the goods. She has a flare to combine a room full of beautiful products that all stand out in a unique way and not to mention her themed snaps of Archie and Matilda that bring her Instagram feed so much joy, colour and happiness. Jemma shines through her feed, she wants you to see who she really is. No BS, just a beautiful mumma being.

Jemma is a genuine product stylist who not only does an amazing job at styling whether it is physically or virtually, but she also 100% values and treasures all of those working relationships she builds, we know as we are one of those relationships. Jemma doesn’t just care about the business relationship she develops through her engagement, she 200% cares about the people with whom she works with on a personal level. It is so refreshing to see. We LOVE working with Jemma, and can’t wait to reveal soon the gorgeous styling Jemma came up with for Olivia, Isabella & Jacks rooms.

Jemma took the time to answer some questions that we know you are all dying to hear. How she got into this business and what tips she has for you! 

When did your love for styling children’s interiors kick off?

JEMMA: I’ve always had a love for interior styling, however my love for children’s interior styling specifically, began when I first fell pregnant & had the opportunity to create a magical space for my soon-to-be little girl, Matilda (aka “Milly”). I became lost (in a good way!) in dreaming, visualising & designing her room and loved every moment of looking for design inspiration, product research, and finally, the FUN bit…translating my design vision into reality!

What’s your secret to finding the time to style, photo shoot and keep up with Social Media as well as being a mum?

JEMMA: I don’t have any major secret, I just try to fit in my styling/photo-shoot interest and work around Matilda and Archie’s daily routine. I aim to just achieve little things at a time, whether that be setting up and styling a product to shoot while they’re  asleep or taking a few snaps while they’re up and playing with a product etc. A good tip I find if you’re involved in Brand Rep and/or product styling work with clothes/accessories for example, is to allow for an extra 5-10 minutes prior to going somewhere where you’re dressing your child in their nice, new outfit you need photos of. That way, you’re killing two birds with one stone by being able to snap a few photos of them in the nice outfit you wanted them to wear to go out anyway. Larger, more curated photo shoots that can take me an hour or so to set-up, style & photograph, I’ll leave until Matilda / Archie have either gone down for their day sleep or for on the weekend when Matilda can play/go out with Dad.

Bear Cushion | Cloud Cushion | Woodlands Themed room | Homely Creatures

Matilda and Archie with Billy our Bearour large white cloud cushion

Your husband has a talent as well, tell us how did you manage to convince him to paint Milly’s bedroom mural?

JEMMA: Believe it or not, it was actually HIS idea! I was originally looking at wallpaper or wall decal options for Milly’s room and when I showed Mat some ideas & then the associated price tag that went with those rather extravagant ideas I had (hehe) - he, (1) nearly fell of his chair and (2) said he could design and paint a wall mural himself! And that is how Milly’s gorgeous peony wall mural design came about. Mat actually really wanted to create the mural for Milly as something precious and sentimental that she’d enjoy for a long time. It was very sweet and luckily for her (and I), he is artistically very talented & been arty his whole life. Nearly 2 years down the track, it’s still not complete (shhh!) as Milly surprised us by naturally arriving 3 weeks early - and that was the end of any more wall mural painting by Mat!

What’s your number 1 styling tip for anyone out there looking for inspiration or where to start with styling a nursery / kids room?

JEMMA: Definitely start by scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration. Follow your favourite Instagram accounts whose style you love & start creating your own Pinterest board to save all your room inspiration on. I love that both Instagram & Pinterest are so highly visual and by creating a Pinterest board, you can save all your favourite decor products, and direct website links in the one place for later reference.

I love you too the moon & back | Kids Wall Art | Homely Creatures
Archie’s Nursery with our To Moon & Back Banner 

Do you have a favourite interior designer?

JEMMA: There is so much incredible talent out there! These are just 3x amazing ladies I adore for their very different styling approaches: @mreiness for her very whimsical, vintage, European styling ; Melissa from @teamtonkin for her beautiful light, bright, fun aesthetic, and the clean, crisp, modern styling of Tarina from @oh.eight.oh.nine. What absolute talents!

To find out more about Jemma, you can find her on instagram @missmillyandherolive or her latest blog on styling Archie’s nursery

We truly hope you have this inspiring and now thinking you can do the same as Jemma in whatever your passion maybe. While we have the time in isolation, you can start to build the foundations. You can follow us at @bizdesignqueens where we help turn your passion into a reality.

Catherine & Kristy -xx-

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  • All the best with the side hustle. It’s a great way to start something.

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