Photo Folly - A change of lens

Posted by Emma Patterson on

When you live somewhere, its easy to ignore the great sights and and experiences within your reach. I live in Brisbane, Australia and I have never seen the Great Barrier Reef, Ayers Rock or even visited our next door neighbour New Zealand. In the same vein, its also hard to find inspiration in your own home town. (Well that is unless you were brought up in Paris or similar).

But recently I have had a paradigm shift. I'm changing the way I see my city and my country. It's too easy to just decide that there is nothing worth urgently discovering out there, no beauty that can compare to that I found in cities like London, Amsterdam and San Francisco. Each city, even the one I take for granted, has its hidden treasures to be discovered, and I can be inspired - I just have to change the lens that I am looking through.

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