Australian Home

About a year ago, I threw caution to the wind and became somewhat of a drifter. Ever since, I have had more opportunities to live in some amazing temporary dwellings, than I ever would have dreamed of! The latest abode-tunity leads me to pinch myself, as I have everything a girl could ever want including wood panelling, tasteful decorating, a lovable black Labrador called 'Darrell' and even a kitchen sink (the last place I lived in didn't actually have one.) And best of all, the house owner actually thinks I'm doing her a favour by house-sitting! Homely_Creatures_House_5 This beautiful house in Kangaroo Point, Brisbane reminds me a lot of the Queenslander I grew up in from it's front bedrooms with French doors to its polished hardwood floors. And how could anyone go past the above-door breeze-ways detailed with the Australian coat of arms reminiscent of the 1908-1912 version (the shield had the cross of Saint George). You can almost hear the national anthem echoing down the hallway! Homely_Creatures_House_4 All nostalgia considered, all of the credit needs to go to Lee the clever lady who has thoughtfully transformed each room into it's own little stylish haven. I'm not sure which room I like more, the playfully colourful study or the French vintage styled spare bedroom! Homely_Creatures_House_2 Homely_Creatures_House_3 Homely_Creatures_House_7 I can only hope that my luck will continue and I will be renting or even own a house a little like this one day soon, complete with adorable Labrador. Homely_Creatures_House_6

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