A creative couple's homely loft

There is no better way to give a space life than to allow a creative couple to make it their home. Photographer Simon Howell and jewellery maker Jessica Barensfeld have grown this Brooklyn loft into a living and breathing thing with character and memories. As explained in the original interview and photographs by freundevonfreunden the couple moved the TV into the bedroom so that the main studio space became more of a place to hang out, talk and be creative. How rooms are decorated can have such of a profound impact on your life, especially when you are a home-body. Where your work space is compared to where the main living area is can be important. Personally, I find that if me desk is too far away from where the 'action' is I end up never using it, choosing not to lock myself away to work. This means I don't have a clear separation from my work to my relaxation area which isn't ideal! I am currently on the hunt for a new home and where I would have my work area is one of the most important things I think about when inspecting new properties. The laid back jumble of hanging plants and old furniture in Jessica and Simon's loft makes an inspirational and social space. Although they don't have a patio, they have created an outdoor cottage feel, helped by plants gathered around an old bike. Check out more photos and the full interview here.

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