Mister made me a desk

A couple of weeks ago while visiting some friends, my boyfriend and I spotted an old school desk on road-side collection. It was straight into the back of the car! The next morning it wasn't anywhere to be found and upon asking Robin (my boyfriend) where it had gone he said it had an ants nest in it so he got rid of it. LIES. ALL LIES. Desk_1 On Saturday I got the best surprise ever. Robin presented me with the desk look 1000000 times better than the first time I saw it! He had spoken to his mates about it who offered to help him restore it on the sly. They completely re-made the top out of pine (as the original was falling apart) and stained it to make it look rustic and old school (pardon the pun). Desk2b This desk is now super solid and super awesome, and goes nicely with a metal chair I recently got from a garage sale. Thanks for my early Valentine's present Mister! And thanks to Brooka for supplying the materials and helping with the restoration. Couldn't be happier! Desk3

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