Collecting Colours - Black, white and peachy pinks

If you are anything like me you collect colours. Like some kind of human-shaped bower bird, some days I come home from the shops and realise later that everything I have bought that day is the same colour. This week I emptied my bag of a nail polish, a greeting card and a new skirt that were all the same peachy shade of pink! I then noticed that all of the Pinterest pictures I had been pinning were also peachy, black and white. Next week I'm sure I will subconsciously switch to another pallet but this week's theme is very clear. Above is some evidence of my strange habit!

1. Interior and DIY cloud by Mer Mag (a gorgeous blog)

2. Pizza Luxe designed by Touch

3. Darling Clementine tray with heart shaped picture

4. Interior and photos by Jeremy Harwell for Decor8


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