Striped Flamingos by Homely Creatures

I've decided to 'step it up' a bit with my weekly designs and from now on am only going to deliver artworks that I would proudly display in my hypothetical home or as a decal on my hypothetical ipad. This is until I become less 'pothetical' and acquire a real-life home and real-life ipad.

Upon making this commitment I realised that right now, I admire simple imagery with bold patterns and not a lot of different colours or detail. (See also yesterday's post for the colours that I can't get enough of this week). But although I like bold patterns I am not out to make a huge statement about the kind of person I am, unless if that statement is 'I like pretty things... and flamingos'.

So I do hope you enjoy this week's design and I look forward to bringing you another one next week that I personally will be purchasing from my own Society6 shop in the form of a cushion or print etc.... Wot!? A girl can't purchase things from her own shop!? :P


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