My Birthday tea party picnic!

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It was my 29th birthday this weekend just gone. Not the most important milestone but none the less worth celebrating as it was my first birthday party in Australia in four years after returning from the UK. So how better to celebrate than a very English tea party picnic in the park!

Over the past couple of years I have been accumulating everything that one needs to throw such an event. I was generously given a full vintage English tea set from my boyfriend's mum which she inherited from her aunt, I have collected little tables and bits from garage sales, and any other bits I managed to borrow off my mum and my friend Anna who recently had a lovely rustic wedding. My awesome boyfriend Robin helped my dig a few key items out of boxes and obediently helped me set up everything just-so in New Farm Park.

There were a few moments when we thought everything would fall apart. First of all, there was a good chance of rain. Secondly a council man came and erected a 'reserved' sign in the area we had just finished setting up, and last but not lease - there was no electricity so therefore NO TEA! Dry weather, a venue and hot water were all very crucial ingredients to my tea party. Thank goodness we had blue skies all day, we managed to shuffle everything over to stay out of the way of the reserved event, and a good friend saved the day by bringing his gas camping stove to make some precious hot water for our tea. Phew! Thanks Adam!

Thanks again to all my rad friends for showing up, decked out in their finest English picnic attire, donning gifts and plates of finger sandwiches and cupcakes. Everyone keeps asking me what I plan to do for my 30th now... will have to start planning ASAP :)

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