Searching for my dream home

Big news! Robin got the job so we are MOVING TO MELBOURNE!! Finally a chance to nest, but how to find the perfect home? We will be renting for the next year or so but have been travelling around so long that we don't want to live in just any old house or apartment. In this competitive rental market its going to be tough, but I am going to try my hardest to get us somewhere awesome that doesn't break the budget. While I would LOVE to find a converted warehouse with original brick walls or a loft apartment with a wall full of windows, I am trying to be realistic and only setting a few guidelines for my ideal home... 1. Character Maybe it doesn't have exposed brick walls, but maybe it does! Or maybe it has an interesting ceiling, unusual deck, Victorian details or wood panelling. Is it too much to ask for a little charm or character? I don't think so. I would even settle for a rooftop apartment like the one above by Boris via Lhaos and Lhaos. 2. Lots of natural light Maybe more important than character is natural light. A lot of the apartments and terrace houses in Melbourne are long and thin so I'm going to be very lucky to find an abode flooded with light like the above gorgeous interior by Alt Interiors Magazine (via San Francisco Girl by Bay). Loads of natural light is the key to a nice interior atmosphere, but also helps with interior photography. I want to photograph Homely Creatures products in context and you can't beat natural light in a photo shoot, I don't care how fancy your professional photography lights are! 3. Wooden flooring Okay so this one isn't a deal breaker, but I do love wooden floors. I just don't want ugly old, dark carpet bringing the rooms down. Even if just the main living area had floorboards or even a light concrete warehouse floor would be workable. 4. White walls Again, if the place was perfect but had cream or blue walls, I wouldn't turn my nose up (much!), but if I had the choice then white is nice! It's good to have a completely neutral canvas to work with where pretty colours and bold black and white patterns can pop. 5. Room to create Last but not least, I need room to create. I work from home and often have what my boyfriend not-so-affectionately calls 'craft explosions' so I need more than just a humble desk in the corner. I also feel that I need to be in a space that is inspiring and relaxing, not cramped and depressing. Just LOOK at the stunning office Erin Hiemstra from Apartment 34 (via Rue Magazine) has designed for herself. Not THAT is what I call inspirational. And did you notice this room ticks pretty much all the boxes of the afore mentioned guidelines? So I'm hoping the universe will notice my 'vision board' and I will get lucky enough to make this dream home a reality. I tell you, when I move in to my new home, whatever it looks like, I am going to nest in it so hard it won't even remember it's a rental!  

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