DIY Fawn Cushion / Pillow by Homely Creatures

A little surprise for you today - that's right, I'm giving away my trade secrets! The Homely Creatures fawn cushion is one of our most popular products but today I am walking you through how to make your very own cute creature cushion!

You will need:
At least 60 x 110 cm piece of cotton canvas material
A pencil and some A3 paper
A black Sharpie pen or fabric paint
Fabric scissors
10-20 safety pins
A sewing machine, complete with white cotton
Stuffing / wadding
Needle and white cotton thread


DIY Instructions:
1. On an A3 sheet of paper, sketch out your character. It might not be a fawn - maybe your favourite animal is a cat.
Tip: If you aren't the best drawer in the world then maybe you could trace a photograph of your pet and then blow it up to A3 using a photocopier. The other option you have is to find some fabric that already has a large animal printed onto it that you can simply cut out. Or if you are really serious, you can get your design digitally printed onto some fabric.
2. Using pencil, transfer the drawing onto half of your fabric, making sure there is at least 8cm of room between the edge of your character and the edge of the fabric.
3. On the other half of your fabric you will need to transfer the design as a mirror image. You could do this by tracing the design on the opposite side of the paper your original sketch was on.
4. Once your design is on the fabric in pencil you can trace over it with a black Sharpie pen (which doesn't fade or come off) or paint it on with fabric paint.
5. Arrange your two pieces of fabric with the outside designs facing in and line them up perfectly. It helps to hold the fabric up to the light so you can see if the two characters are perfectly lined up.
6. Pin the two pieces of fabric together using about 10 safety pins so that the design stays lined up and won't slip. Put the pins in the middle so they don't interfere with sewing.
7. Use a pencil to lightly draw a shape around the character about 2-3cm offset from the edge of the character.
8. Using a sewing machine set to a normal straight stitch, sew along this line but be sure to leave a hand-sized hole so you can stuff your creature later.
9. Cut around the creature shape about 1cm away from the sewing line.
10. Turn the cushion cover inside-out so the design is on the outside. You might need to use a long, thin implement to make sure the ears are right.
11. Stuff with hobby stuffing or be green and stuff with recycled materials like fabric scraps or plastic bags. Don't over-stuff!
12. Sew the hole closed by hand, being as neat as possible. Maybe you want to add a label at this stage?
13. Welcome your newly adopted creature to the world and introduce it to your couch!

I'd love to see a photo of your DIY creature cushion result on the Homely Creatures Facebook Page.

If you aren't into delayed gratification, you can buy yourself a fawn cushion for $25 AUD (postage varies on your location) by getting into contact. Normally there would be some for sale in the Homely Creatures Etsy Shop but everyone keeps buying them before they even make it online! So get in quick.


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