Living room decorated 3 ways with the same grey couch

As I patiently await to see what house we will end up living in, I spend hours online creating a wish list for furniture and homewares to full it with. Perhaps one of the most important pieces, I have put a lot of thought into what couch I would want. The colour, size and comfort of the couch need to be considered but also the look, and how versatile this look is to be a backdrop for my ever changing taste in colours and décor style. One inspirational image I keep on going back to and drooling over is this interior with a grey couch with pink and black added for a homely but still chic look. I included it in my blog article talking about my requirements while 'Searching for my Dream Home.' Photographed by the Klein for Alt Interiors Magazine, the gorgeous Major Sofa has been used in the same room to create three different looks. The sofa is not sold in Australia to my knowledge, but even if it was, it's so far out of my budget that I could only justify buying it if I could also live in it and it washed my dishes for me. So I'll do my best to find a more affordable compromise. Although I do like the busy walls and gold lamp of the last room, and am spotting a 'smoky greys' trend in the second image that I really like, the first room is my definite favourite. What's yours?  

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