Our new rental home

Posted by Emma Patterson on

How was your weekend? I spent mine moving into a great little two bedroom terrace house in Fitzroy North (Melbourne). The way I've been going on about it, you'd think that we bought the place, but sadly we are just renting. I knew when we applied that it was a great area but until now I didn't realise just how lucky we are. On our corner is the super delicious Dench Bakers, which is next to a cute shop Heroes and Villains (much potential for being a possible Homely Creatures stockist) and last but not least, an awesome Piedimonte's grocery store that stays open late and has everything we could ever need including a drool-worthy cheese deli. I'm also very chuffed with our new home and its white walls, high ceilings and a huge kitchen and court yard. We have a long way to go before we can invite guests around for tea and cake, but I'm proud as punch of our first furniture purchase - two imitation Eames chairs in white with natural wooden legs. I found that the most affordable option was to go to the Sokol Furniture show room and pick up the chairs to avoid delivery charge. Not sure if this will save us money in the long run because by visiting Sokol I was exposed to all kinds of wonderful furniture and light fittings!! My man had to drag me out of the store and remind me that we didn't even own a bed yet and need to prioritise. But amongst the shiny and affordable goodies in-store, this replica Tom Dixon copper shade pendant seemed just as important to me as a place to sleep...



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