The Fiddle Leaf Fig - A lovely indoor plant

Do you ever get your heart set on something for your home, only to spend hours and hours searching in vein for somewhere you could buy it from? This seems to be happening to me weekly at the moment. Think I can find just an ordinary, affordable, timber bed base with no bed head attached? Think I can find some outdoor string lights that aren't in primary colours? Think again. I can waste DAYS trawling through Ebay, Gumtree, and online shops looking for that one specific thing that I just don't want to compromise on... and this time it was a beautiful indoor plant know as the 'Fiddle Leaf Fig' or 'Ficus Lyrata'. I have seen it appearing more and more in lovely interiors and I just adore its huge fan (or fiddle) shaped, dark green leaves. I decided I simply had to get myself at least one for my living area, and by the time I discovered it was impossible to get one in Melbourne at the moment it was already too late. Upon turning to Gumtree as my last hope, I noticed loads of 'wanted' ads for these beauteous plants but the only supplier that was advertised as having them in stock was far away in sunny Queensland. I decided to call anyway, and I had a lovely chat with the nursery owner who didn't fully understand my obsession but was willing to feed it. In the end she posted me 2 Fiddle Leaf Figs in normal snail mail, wrapped up in newspaper and plastic bags. I followed helpful instructions to pot them in a good quality potting mix with a built in plant food, water them well and keep them out of the cold but with plenty of light. Its been a few days since I carefully unwrapped them and they seem to be doing okay! So far so good... but 'touch wood' as I am usually a serial plant killer. I'm hoping this time, with a lot of care and a little research my two cute Fiddle Leaf Figs will grow to be a big and beautiful as those seen in the Inspired Room Blog and the Design Files. Wish me luck! fiddle_leaf_fig_2

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