Weaving! My new hobby.

One minute, I'm wasting time on Facebook and come across some info on a craft class... Twenty four hours later I know how to weave, have my very own loom, have met super star stylist Megan Morton and have a signed copy of her amazing new book! Only in Melbourne would this be possible!

So Megan Morton runs this amazing workshop school called... The School! Based in Melbourne but with travelling classes, they run all kinds of fun workshops for kids and crafty folk like me and when I saw that this 'weave your own wall art' class was running its very last workshop, I couldn't resist!

Megan warmly welcomed each of us into the fabulous 20th Century furniture store Angelucci on Smith Street, Fitzroy before handing us over to the very talented Maryanne Moodie featured here on the Design Files. Maryanne went on to explain how she came to learn and love the art of woven tapestry before taking us through the various techniques. In theory, I am now able to create something like this awesome thing...

(One of Maryanne's own lovely creations.)

Although I feel I am a long way off creating something half as gasp-worthy as Maryanne's stunning works of art, I'm so happy to have met so many lovely talented ladies of Melbourne and had such a great experience.

Not to mention now being the proud owner of one of Megan Morten's brand new books, 'I love my room' still hot off the press. The rumours are true! Despite being a world renowned stylist, Megan (I like to think that we are on first name basis now) is so down to earth and enthusiastic that she made everyone feel right at home. And for a brief moment, I forgot that I wasn't actually a member of the creative celebrity 'in-crowd' of Melbourne.

Stay tuned to see how my tapestry turns out and also for a book review on 'I love my room'. Can you tell I didn't get ANY work done today?


(The Design Files photo of Maryanne's woven art that lured me in.)





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