Royal Nursery - Baby Nurseries fit for a Prince

With the birth of Will and Kate's royal baby boy, it seems the whole world is going ga ga, getting clucky and coming down with a bout of baby fever! I don't have a bundle of joy myself, but am preparing to launch a Homely Creatures product range designed specifically for baby nurseries and kids rooms. My brother has just had a baby boy making me an Auntie and I also have some friends with buns in the oven.

So in the spirit of things I thought I would bring to you some ideas for decorating a nursery that is fit for a prince or princess. There are some lovely examples floating around the blogosphere and these are my fav three. Using fun tassels, rugs and mobiles you can bring interesting shapes and textures to an otherwise minimal room. I really like the idea of a room that has been decorated to grow with the child and won't need a complete overhaul a year or so later.

Royal baby nursery colours

Whites and neutral tones are just perfect to give you that warm, fuzzy, delicate baby feeling. Add some soft furnishings and entering your babies room will resemble riding on a cloud.

Nursery fit for a baby prince

A trend that I am also loving is a gender non-specific colour palette. It's so great to celebrate a pretty little girl with pink or a bouncing baby boy with blue, but there is something really nice about thinking outside the stereo-typical box and using greys, black, white and natural colours to make for a fun but sophisticated room fit for any baby, including those with a regal family tree.

What are your thoughts on breaking with tradition and pushing the Barbie pink and Thomas blue colour swatches aside for a more neutral almost Scandi style palette?

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