Inside my home – The lounge

Hi! Come in, come in. Come through to my lounge. Take a seat. Can I make you a cuppa? :)

A couple of weeks ago I showed you inside my guest room/office. Today its the living area. Although it isn't where I'm supposed to be working (given such a great office) it is where I spend most of my time. I love this room! A lovely open space with white walls, an awesome couch and sliding glass doors that let the sun pour in. There is a great view of our courtyard and easy access to the open plan kitchen, which I will show you soon enough. Also easy on the eyes is the lounge chair that I found at a garage sale, stripped back and restored with black and white geometric fabric.

HomelyCreatures LoungeI fell in love with the white, salmon pink and green (plants) colour palette after I saw this pin from weekday carnival. But wanted to be adventurous with bold black and white pattern and recently added the hints of neon yellow - just cause!!

Because we moved to Melbourne from London with no furniture I essentially had a blank canvas which made it very easy for me to plan what I wanted each space to look like and just go for it. Mind you there was nothing 'easy' about putting together Ikea furniture, restoring old garage sale finds, or sourcing the perfect couch and cushions... But I'm so pleased with the result that its 'easy' to forget the sore back and splinters.

Random fact - the salmon cushion is actually a jumper (aka a 'sweater' to my American readers) that I bought online for myself. It looked so much better wrapped around a cushion than wrapped around me, and so it was adapted to its new purpose in life - to compliment my favourite chair. I just love the soft wool texture.

Also bringing life and texture to my lounge is the constant stream of fresh flowers I like to decorate with. Australian native flowers and leaves go especially well with dusty greens complimenting the salmon pinks perfectly.

HomelyCreatures-flowersWhen planning the look for this room, I gathered ideas on my Pinterest board with no style in mind - just choosing things that I liked. Due to my lack of interior knowledge, I only discovered that I had been heavily influenced by Scandinavian design after the room was complete. I like to think that I have put both a personal and Aussie twist on it though.

What do you think?





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