Visiting the Design Files Open House

I admit it! I'm a little behind in my updates. And I might have got away with it to except now I'm blogging about visiting the Design Files Open House Melbourne, which was over a week ago. Oh well, better late than never!


SO MANY AWESOME THINGS. I wanted to buy them all. And the beauty of this set up was, I could! Everything decorating this drool worthy home was for sale, from the luscious bed linen in the bathroom to the towels handing by the pool outside. But the objects that collected most of my drool were these gorgeous succulent planters from Sophie Moorhouse Morris' Bakerhouse range.


The other objects that left a lasting impression on me were these steel wall sculptures by Dion Horstman. The shadows that they cast in the sun made them even more mesmerising. They have inspired me to make some wire 'art' of my own which I will blog about soon. Yes I have put 'art' in inverted commas as what I have achieved looks like a primary school craft project when compared to these masterpieces.


Last but not least I have to mention the fun room which was tucked away upstairs. I certainly felt at home up there with toys, cushions and colourful goodies. Hand crafted toys from Maiike covered a bed wedged between two pineapple lamps. There were fun wire baskets and cool wall hooks. Yes this was definitely my favourite room in the Design Files Open House!


When designing the Homely Creatures range it was a goal of mine to provide almost everything someone would need to decorate a nursery. This way, I could market my products in context, so that my customers could see the full effect and easily imagine what my products could look like in their own homes. The talented folk from the Design Files have achieved this aspirational 'shopping in context' to an impressive standard, and they have done it all with the work of those artists and designers that they have covered in their blog over the years. I can only imagine how much work has gone into this marvellous event, but its hats off to them for creating such an inspiring space with such thought and attention to detail.

Can't wait to see what's in store for next year!

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