2013 in Review

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Wow what a year! It has easily been the biggest year of my life with so many important things happening.

At the beginning of 2013, Robin and I were living in Brisbane having moved over from London to Australia. Robin was looking for work and got a job in Melbourne which is awesome because Melbourne is the coolest (fact). So we moved to Melbs, found a rental in Fitzroy North and built a nest. I got to decorate the whole place pretty much from scratch which was immensely satisfying.

Then it was head down, bum up and working on launching my Homely Creatures range. It has been my dream ever since I can remember to start my own product range so finally getting around to doing it was by no means a small deal. But all the action happened in the last quadrant of 2013 with a holiday to South Africa which was awesome beyond words, and then finally launching Homely Creatures product range and online shop at the end of November.

How could this year getting any bigger? I'll tell you how... Off to the French Alps we went to spend Christmas skiing with my family and my brother's wife's family. Robin and I nipped up to Paris for new years celebrations with friends and then just before 2013 came to a close Robin popped the question... And I said yes!!

I really can't dream up five things more wonderful than these key events of the past 12 months. Followers, old friends, new friends, family and especially Robin have all given me so much encouragement and support through one of the most important years of my life and I thank you one and all. I honestly couldn't have done any of it without you.

Bring on an equally epic 2014!!!

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