How to Create a Sweet Kids Bedroom Interior

Now you can create this cute-as-a-button bedroom look! How adorable is this mint and pink scene organised by the clever Sprout and Sparrow, styled by the famous Hide & Sleep, and photographed by the talented Danielle Trovato Photography. Ready to bring this sweetness into your very own kids room? Here is how to shop the look!

Start with this yummy 'Minty Heart' print by Sprout and Sparrow.


Add a cute round 'Smartie' cushion available at Amarillo+ in McKinnon.


Add a sprinkling of our mint 'Wall Dot Decals' by Homely Creatures.


The perfect finishing touch - our Homely Creatures Pink 'Cloud Cushion' hand-knitted in Bolivia from 100% Alpaca wool.


Another cushion that would look great with this 'look' is our cute Homely Creatures 'Fawn Cushion'.



Happy decorating everyone! We'd love to see photos of your child's room or nursery on Instagram.


How to Create a Playful Kid's Bedroom Interior

Get ready for another ridiculously adorable interior using black and white and pops of colour, organised by the clever Sprout and Sparrow, styled by the famous Hide & Sleep, and photographed by the talented Danielle Trovato Photography. And now you can create this fun, contemporary look yourself! Here's how to shop the look...

Start with this 'Full Moon' print by Sprout and Sparrow.



Add another funky 'Fun Never Sleeps' print by Sprout and Sparrow.



Also this 'Moonrise' doona cover by cotton on kids.v_512a57f047c5f1f318b1bf1a894a28c5_740036-01-2

Add a yummy round 'Smartie' cushion available at Amarillo+ in McKinnon. You can pick up a tiger mask from here too!


Don't forget our black 'Triangle Wall Decals' by Homely Creatures.


And of course the one and only 'Sleeping Bear Cushion' by Homely Creatures.


And introducing our knitted small 'Black Mountain Cushion' and medium 'Grey Mountain Cushion' hand-knitted in Bolivia from 100% Alpaca.



And finally, it may be small but this little knitted lovely has big style. Our small 'Striped Cloud Cushion' by Homely Creatures, also hand-knitted in Bolivia from 100% Alpaca..

Happy decorating everyone! We'd love to see photos of your child's room or nursery on Instagram.

How to Create a Dreamy Nursery Interior

We know you are a clever, creative bunch and we have been given the great privilege to share with you this gorgeous shoot organised by the clever Sprout and Sparrow, styled by the famous Hide & Sleep, and photographed by the talented Danielle Trovato Photography. To get this beautiful dreamy style in your very own nursery, here is how to shop the look!

Start with this yummy 'Minty Heart' print by Sprout and Sparrow.


Add a very pretty 'Peach Spot' Cushion by Miss Alex.


And a gorgeous 'Marigold' Rug by Armadillo & Co


And don't forget our very own light and dreamy white 'Felt Petal Bunting' by Homely Creatures.


And the final touches? Our cuddly 'Knitted Cloud Cushions' in white and pink by Homely Creatures, hand knitted in Bolivia from 100% Alpaca..

White cloud cushio




Happy decorating everyone! We'd love to see photos of your child's room or nursery on Instagram.

Sneaky Peek at a Homely Photoshoot

A couple of weeks ago if you were lucky enough to peep through a factory window in North Melbourne you would have caught a glimpse of mini creatures making mischief. And lets be honest - we would have it no other way!!!

Through the lens of the camera, with there tiny toes, bursts of giggles and adorable smiles these mini creatures proved they were the stars of the show. Little Lexi (above) was no exception! What a star!!

Amidst all playful excitement and squealing our ‘Homely Creatures’ sleeping bear was even disturbed from his snoozing. Our dreamy cloud rug was comfy under little feet and our felt petal bunting was a definite favourite. But as always, Mr Whale won the popularity contest.

If you are curious, take a peak at just two of many moments we captured...


AND SSSHHHH!!!! Mums the word. But don’t worry there is plenty more to come!!!

x Eve
Junior Homely Creature

Little Gatherer's Ultimate Playroom Competition

This is the kind of competition that makes me wish I was 5 again. Little Gatherer are giving away over 1000 bucks worth of goodies to make the ultimate playroom! And no playroom would be complete without a Homely Creatures sleeping bear cushion!!



Little Gatherer is a super cool blog featuring trendy wares for kids and teens. So we are chuffed they have included one of our most popular cushions 'Sleeping Bear' who is in some very good company, alongside brands such as 'Fine Little Day' (baby blanket) and 'Such Great Heights' (wonder tent).

It only takes two simple steps to be in the draw to win! The competition closes Sunday 18th of May so don’t waste your time dreaming, gather your tiny tot’s and get clicking!!

For more details on ' Winning the Ultimate Playroom' or entering information make sure you head on over to Little Gatherer's website

Good luck! xxx

DIY Succulent Warmer Tutorial

The weather is changing with Easter approaching once again. It's the time of year when there is a silent victim, suffering sadly with neglect. Sure they are hardy and don't need much attention to survive, but succulents deserve love and warmth just as much as your ferns and creepers do, don't they?

I challenge you to STAND up for succulents' rights and make a statement. Give your little green friend's the love they deserve this coming winter and make them their own woolly weather warmers.

Junior Homely Creature 'Eve' has put together this adorable DIY succulent warmer tutorial just for you. The perfect project for your Easter break!

IMG_2316 IMG_2305

Design One: Succulent Bag with Knitted panelling (L.H.S of image above)

Medium Difficulty

What you will need:

Succulent pot approx. 10cm in diameter and 7.5cm in height

8ply wool

Wool sewing needle

Hand sewing needle or sewing machine

5.5mm needles (this can change depending on the ply of wool)

0.2m of fabric (34cm lengthx 4cm width for fabric band)

Material Scissors and Paper Scissors

*Please note that you can alter the sizes of the bag depending on the size of your succulent pot*


Firstly, here's how to make the knitted panel...

Step 1: Cast on 35 stitches, ensuring you leave a good amount of the casting on wool for step 3.

Step 2:Knit 25 rows

Step 3:To take the knitted panel off the needles; thread remaining wool through stitches to hold, this can be gathered to fit around the bottom of the pot/plant

Step 4: Once the knitted panel is off the needles, you can sew up the side seam using either a wool needle or a sewing needle.

Step 5: Turn the panel inside out and tie together the loose ends of wool to hold.

Now its time to make the material strip...

Step 6: Measure the circumference of your succulent pot; this will become the length of your material strip

Step 7: For this example the length is 34cm, you will need to add 0.6cm for seam allowance when sewn.

Step 8: Once measured you can make your pattern piece, 35cm in length x your chosen width. For this example it was 34.6cm x 3.5cm.

Step 9: Before cutting out your material check your pattern piece around the pot for accuracy of fit.

Step 10: If it fits well you can go ahead and cut your fabric strip out, pin the pattern onto the fabric making sure that the fabric is folded over. You will need to cut 2 of these.

Step 11: Bag out the two pieces by sewing together using a 0.6cm seam allowance and ensuring that one length side is left open, but both ends are sewn. See image for more detail. This can be done by hand or machine

Step 12: Press the strip, to remove creases

Step13: Attach the strip’s raw edge to the knitted edge, using a hand needle; sew the circumference of the strip and knitted panel. When doing this step it is best that the knitted panel stays on the pot and you sew the material strip on around the plant.

Step 14: Turn the strip over to revel your lovely, adorable succulent bag!

Design 2: Succulent bag with ribbing

Medium Difficulty

What you need:

Succulent pot approx.22.5cm in diameter and 9.5cm in height

8ply wool

Wool sewing needle

Hand sewing needle or sewing machine

5.5mm needles (this can change depending on the ply of wool)


Material Scissors

30cm of fabric length, or a fat quarter


Lets start with making the material strip …..

Preparation: Measure the length and width of the pot you are covering, Draw these measurements as a square onto your material using a ruler adding 0.6cm allowance on the side seam.

Step 1: Cut the square out

Step 2: Hand sew or machine sew the side seam up using a 0.6cm seam allowance

Now thats done we can make the ribbing!…...

Preparation: Cast on 30 stitches

Step 3: Rib two pearl to plain for 10 rows,Cast off stitches

Finally let's Attach the two together…….

Step 4: Place the knitted panel inside the material bag, wrong sides facing together

Step 5: Sew together with a hand needle

Step 6: Turn the knitted panel out of the bag and fold over

Step 7: Place over your succulent!

And Voila! Time to enjoy your cute little succulents….


In the Press - Homely Creatures in Inside Out Magazine

So a couple of weeks ago, my wildest dreams came true. One of my cushions was chosen to appear in a kids lifestyle interior shoot in the one and only Inside Out Magazine!! I didn't know for sure that my Sleeping Bear Cushion would be featuring in this awesome magazine until the issue was published and there he was, sitting happily amongst products from super star brands I admire Such Great Heights, and Country Road.

inside out magazine homely creatures bear cushion
Even now I am still finding it hard to believe that my wee design has made it into one of the biggest interior design magazines in the country and one of my personal favourites. But every time I open the pages... there he is, still there snoozing away like it aint no thing. Ha ha. It almost feels like my cushions have grown up and started independent lives of their own!

Stylist Jessica Hanson and photographer Sam McAdam have done a marvellous job on this adorable masterpiece! You can still go out and grab yourself a copy of this March issue of Inside Out Magazine from news agents everywhere. You know I have my copy (or three!)


Recap of Homely Creatures at Life Instyle Sydney

Wow. Things have been so busy leading up to and following Life Instyle Sydney that this is the first opportunity I have had to just take a breath and blog about it. For those who don't know, Life Instyle is a fabulous Australian lifestyle trade fair where thousands of retailers converge to buy lots of new pretty things for their lush stores and boutiques.

What an adventure! I took off from Melbourne with everything I needed for my little First Instyle stand squeezed into two suitcases and a duffel bag. Things did not get off to a good start, as when I arrived in sunny Sydney, I found that only 2 out of 3 bags had made it. The one bag Jetstar had left behind had most of my display samples in it. Nooooooooo. Kind of important when the trade fair started the next day!?

Thank goodness the rogue bag found me later that day, and I was able to set up without too many problems. The doors opened on Thursday morning and in came a wave of eager retailers.

Life Instyle Homely Creatures

Days earlier Homely Creatures got featured on the Life Instyle blog (read full feature here) which got my stall plenty of lovely visitors on the first day. Whaley and my new black felt 'to the moon and back' flag were the most popular of my range, I even had a spontaneous mini photo-shoot!

homely creatures whale and flag
I am pleased to say that the Life Instyle trade fair was a great success for Homely Creatures! I now have loads of new stockists all around Australia and New Zealand. Some of this success is thanks to the amazing Mr Jason Grant and his supreme styling skills. Mr Jason Grant chose to include all three of my creature cushions in his lifestyle display in the main Life Instyle arena.

Mr Jason Grant Life Instyle
You can imagine my excitement!! LOOK AT HOW PRETTY!!!

Although I arrived at the trade fair by myself, everyone was so nice I never felt alone and it was such a great experience. I met so many really nice people from stylists to stockists, but a special thanks needs to go out to the lovely and talented ladies that helped me though. There was a great sense of community amongst the First Instyle designers and I don't think I could have stayed motivated until the last hours of the fourth day without their help and humour.

Can't wait to do it all again in Melbourne!

Lis x




Tutorial and Free Printable Cross-stitch Heart Valentine's Card

Valentine's Day is nearly here and for those of you who celebrate it or just celebrate craft in general we have a very special tutorial and free printable download created by junior Homely Creature Amy!!

I'm sure you will agree that Amy has done a fabulous job with this DIY cross-stitch heart card. It's the cutest thing ever!! Not sure I am willing to part with mine.

Lovers and craft-lovers enjoy!

To get started, Download your FREE printable Valentine's Day card here.

You will need..
- A sheet of A4 card (and colour you like!)
- A printer
- Scissors
- Some red cross-stitch thread (or a colour to contrast your card)
- A needle
- A pin for poking holes


Step 1: Download your Free Printable Valentine's Day card.

Step 2: Print on A4 card

Step 3: Cut out the 210mm x 105mm rectangle

Step 4: Fold the card in half so that the dots are at the front of the card

Step 5: Use a pin to poke holes through the marked dots

Step 6: Use a needle and thread; pull the needle through the holes you’ve created, and create a series of X-shaped stitches. Work from the top to bottom of the heart. Use the above instructional images as a guide. You are now cross stitching! Yay!

Step 7: Finish up by tying a knot inside of the card.

You’re done! Happy Valentine's Day!!

free valentine's day card tutorial

The Homely Creatures Neutral Felt Ball Cloud Rug!

I thought it was about time I told you a little more about the Homely Creatures cloud rug that is made out of fun felt balls!

Felt ball rug

The colours are soft greys and dreamy whites, perfect for a neutral nursery or even a cosy living room. I have one in mine!! See??

the room illuminated

Each ball of felt is hand rolled and stitched carefully together by crafters in Nepal into a rug that is 125cm by 95cm and feels sooooo heavenly under foot.

At this very moment, the only place in Australia you can get yourself one of these beauties in from the Homely Creatures online shop. And for a limited time only I am offering FREE POSTAGE! Hooray!!

Neutral nursery rug

Comment below where in your house you would put your heavenly cloud rug. (If you can't see a 'comment' area then you need to scroll up and click on the comments button under the first image).




Homely Creatures at Life Instyle Sydney 2014

Almost a year ago (already!?) I moved to Melbourne. I quickly discovered that I wasn't as busy with freelance design work as I was in London and had a minor career/identity crisis before deciding to use the spare time I had to finally start my own product range, and do it properly.

So in attempts to go fully legit' I am exhibiting Homely Creatures at Life Instyle in the First Instyle section. I have no idea how its going to go, however I have a feeling its going to be a massive learning experience. I have received so much lovely feedback from the Melbourne stores I have visited, I would be chuffed if the retailers attending the trade fair are half as nice!

So if you are in Sydney from the 13th to the 16th February, come and say hi! I will be on stall F37 which is at the end of a row of other First Instylers. You can register for the beautiful Life Instlye trade fair here.

Homely Creatures Range

See you there!



2013 in Review

Wow what a year! It has easily been the biggest year of my life with so many important things happening.

At the beginning of 2013, Robin and I were living in Brisbane having moved over from London to Australia. Robin was looking for work and got a job in Melbourne which is awesome because Melbourne is the coolest (fact). So we moved to Melbs, found a rental in Fitzroy North and built a nest. I got to decorate the whole place pretty much from scratch which was immensely satisfying.

Then it was head down, bum up and working on launching my Homely Creatures range. It has been my dream ever since I can remember to start my own product range so finally getting around to doing it was by no means a small deal. But all the action happened in the last quadrant of 2013 with a holiday to South Africa which was awesome beyond words, and then finally launching Homely Creatures product range and online shop at the end of November.

How could this year getting any bigger? I'll tell you how... Off to the French Alps we went to spend Christmas skiing with my family and my brother's wife's family. Robin and I nipped up to Paris for new years celebrations with friends and then just before 2013 came to a close Robin popped the question... And I said yes!!

I really can't dream up five things more wonderful than these key events of the past 12 months. Followers, old friends, new friends, family and especially Robin have all given me so much encouragement and support through one of the most important years of my life and I thank you one and all. I honestly couldn't have done any of it without you.

Bring on an equally epic 2014!!!

'The Room Illuminated' Features my Living Room

What a dream come true! My living room/kitchen has been featured on The Room Illuminated blog. The lovely and talented Kate found Homely Creatures through the Pedestrian TV Blogster awards when we both came up as finalists. Kate got in touch when she saw that I lived and Melbourne and asked if I would like to have my living room photographed for her awesome blog which is all about taking a peak into the favourite rooms of every day people. Naturally I said yes.

What a treat to have a visit from Kate! Within minutes I felt like I had known her for years which is a neat quality to have when you make a habit of going around and photographing the inside of stranger's homes.

Kate has found a creative way to quench her curiosity for the stranger's abode at the same time as improving her photography skills. We can all benefit from this by following her blog which is fulling up with heart warming stories of rooms, furniture and families.

Here are some of Kate's lovely shots of my open plan lounge/kitchen and you can check out the whole story here on The Room Illuminated.


the room illuminated
the room illuminated
the room illuminated
the room illuminated
the room illuminated
the room illuminated the room illuminated
If you live in Melbourne and know someone who has an interesting room full of memories and stories, get in touch with Kate.

Decorating a Neutral Nursery

If you have a baby on the way you are no doubt getting everything organised in the nursery. And if you are anything like me, you are not thinking pink or blue explosions, nor are you leaning towards pastels. Neutral nurseries are the new trend and this one is not only gender neutral but only uses neutral colours with the occasional burst of black and white boldness.

Scandinavian influenced and including the one and only Stokke Cot and Eames Rocking Chair, I'm proud to say this interior has been decorated with Homely Creatures soft furnishings! Now you can bring dreamy, soft neutrals and quirky Scandi style to your nursery because these lovely products (hand made by women in Nepal) are available in our online shop.

Fawn Cushion, Cloud Rug (felt balls), Baby Blanket, Felt Petal Bunting

Visiting the Design Files Open House

I admit it! I'm a little behind in my updates. And I might have got away with it to except now I'm blogging about visiting the Design Files Open House Melbourne, which was over a week ago. Oh well, better late than never!


SO MANY AWESOME THINGS. I wanted to buy them all. And the beauty of this set up was, I could! Everything decorating this drool worthy home was for sale, from the luscious bed linen in the bathroom to the towels handing by the pool outside. But the objects that collected most of my drool were these gorgeous succulent planters from Sophie Moorhouse Morris' Bakerhouse range.


The other objects that left a lasting impression on me were these steel wall sculptures by Dion Horstman. The shadows that they cast in the sun made them even more mesmerising. They have inspired me to make some wire 'art' of my own which I will blog about soon. Yes I have put 'art' in inverted commas as what I have achieved looks like a primary school craft project when compared to these masterpieces.


Last but not least I have to mention the fun room which was tucked away upstairs. I certainly felt at home up there with toys, cushions and colourful goodies. Hand crafted toys from Maiike covered a bed wedged between two pineapple lamps. There were fun wire baskets and cool wall hooks. Yes this was definitely my favourite room in the Design Files Open House!


When designing the Homely Creatures range it was a goal of mine to provide almost everything someone would need to decorate a nursery. This way, I could market my products in context, so that my customers could see the full effect and easily imagine what my products could look like in their own homes. The talented folk from the Design Files have achieved this aspirational 'shopping in context' to an impressive standard, and they have done it all with the work of those artists and designers that they have covered in their blog over the years. I can only imagine how much work has gone into this marvellous event, but its hats off to them for creating such an inspiring space with such thought and attention to detail.

Can't wait to see what's in store for next year!

Homely Creatures Range and New Website Launch

You may have noticed that we have been making some changes around here. Although its not quite finished, has recently had a style face lift! It's quite different than before with a much more minimal style, allowing for our products to take the spotlight. That's right - we have also added a shop!

Introducing Homely Creatures range of cute things for the home! Designed in Melbourne, Australia and made (fair trade) by women in Nepal. In the range there are four illustrated prints in frames, three cute animal cushions, two polka dot baby blankets, a cloud-shaped felt ball rug, a felted petal bunting and some removable wall decal dots!


Next step? Making sure Homely Creatures are in a cute store near you! Do you know of a store in your town that you think should stock Homely Creatures? Leave a comment!

Recent News

So many things have been going on lately, I thought I might do a little news update. If you have been following Homely Creatures on Facebook you will know that I am very close to launching a brand new product range for children and the home. Designed in Melbourne and handmade (fair trade) in Nepal, I am BUSTING with excitement about bringing my own range to the world. The new Homely Creatures website complete with shop will be up any day now eeeeeek!

A couple of months ago I ran a photo shoot for the launch catalogue. It was so much fun and little Freyja was an absolute star as our adorable model. See some other shots in our catalogue here.

Homely Creatures photo shoot

Next year I hope to bring Homely Creatures to the famous Finders Keepers Australian designer market, but this year I visited the fair to gather inspiration... slash buy everything. I probably shouldn't be publicly announcing this goal as the designers that get accepted for this market are so so talented and I'm sure that the selection criteria for the fair is redic'.

finderskeepersIn other news, Jordan Ferney from Oh Happy Day blog visited Melbourne in October and threw a bloggers party at recently opened West Elm store on Chapel St. I met so many lovely like-minded ladies while perusing the the West Elm shelves and eating the AMAZING rainbow cake. Jordan is so nice, and it was such a pleasure to meet the talented and stylish Jordan!



With all of this networking I thought I should whip up some business cards. What do you think? I had so much fun hand crafting them with my label maker and washi tape.

cardsAnd finally, amongst all of the craziness of launching a product range my boyfriend Robin and I went on an amazing holiday in South Africa. I can't begin to tell you how amazing it was. We just got back from the two weeks of adventure and luxury and although its nice to be home I WANT TO GO BACK to the gorgeous scenery, the awesome company and the beautiful animals we met on Safari.

SASo now while trying to get over my post holiday depression (PHD) I am busy finalising things for the official Homely Creatures range launch. It's been such an exciting year for me so far and its not even finished with more travel on the cards for December. Bring it on!


Inside my home – The lounge

Hi! Come in, come in. Come through to my lounge. Take a seat. Can I make you a cuppa? :)

A couple of weeks ago I showed you inside my guest room/office. Today its the living area. Although it isn't where I'm supposed to be working (given such a great office) it is where I spend most of my time. I love this room! A lovely open space with white walls, an awesome couch and sliding glass doors that let the sun pour in. There is a great view of our courtyard and easy access to the open plan kitchen, which I will show you soon enough. Also easy on the eyes is the lounge chair that I found at a garage sale, stripped back and restored with black and white geometric fabric.

HomelyCreatures LoungeI fell in love with the white, salmon pink and green (plants) colour palette after I saw this pin from weekday carnival. But wanted to be adventurous with bold black and white pattern and recently added the hints of neon yellow - just cause!!

Because we moved to Melbourne from London with no furniture I essentially had a blank canvas which made it very easy for me to plan what I wanted each space to look like and just go for it. Mind you there was nothing 'easy' about putting together Ikea furniture, restoring old garage sale finds, or sourcing the perfect couch and cushions... But I'm so pleased with the result that its 'easy' to forget the sore back and splinters.

Random fact - the salmon cushion is actually a jumper (aka a 'sweater' to my American readers) that I bought online for myself. It looked so much better wrapped around a cushion than wrapped around me, and so it was adapted to its new purpose in life - to compliment my favourite chair. I just love the soft wool texture.

Also bringing life and texture to my lounge is the constant stream of fresh flowers I like to decorate with. Australian native flowers and leaves go especially well with dusty greens complimenting the salmon pinks perfectly.

HomelyCreatures-flowersWhen planning the look for this room, I gathered ideas on my Pinterest board with no style in mind - just choosing things that I liked. Due to my lack of interior knowledge, I only discovered that I had been heavily influenced by Scandinavian design after the room was complete. I like to think that I have put both a personal and Aussie twist on it though.

What do you think?





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So one of you lovely lovelies has nominated Homely Creatures blog for the PedestrianTV Blogster Awards. Who ever you are, thank you!! You have feel like a winner already just with your thoughtful nomination. If it wasn't you who nominated me not to worry, you still have an opportunity to redeem yourself as a huge Homely Creatures fan ;)

Simply follow this link and click on the 'like' botton which is under the 'about' section.

I'm not going to shamelessly spam yall too much cause with the amaze blogs I am up against... lets just say I'm not holding my breath. Still, with the prize being a laptop and a mentorship I thought it would be lazy of me not to do a little bit of spamming. So here we are. Spam spam spam spam. Vote for Homely Creatures, there is only a few days left!!!


Inside my home - The guest room

Hello lovelies. How are we this happy hump day?

Recently I have been attempting to balance launching the Homely Creatures product range with freelance work and getting our place ready for visitors. I can't tell you how much I enjoy having guests over, especially when they are friends from London who I haven't seen in ages. My inner house wife comes out and I transform my disaster-zone-esk office into a welcoming guest room.

The office/guest-bedroom has a different character to the rest of the house because this is where I keep a lot of my fun, colourful and quirky homewares. In this room, I explore my love of bright colours and craft with my handmade wire fox bust and neon dipped tassel garland cheering up the wall and centring the room.

HC-my-home-spare-roomTo accommodate guests as well as my sprawling craft projects, we wanted to get a couch that doubled as a comfy bed and didn't take up too much room. Easier said than done when most sofa beds don't fit through the bedroom doorway, as we found out the hard way. Thank goodness a friend suggested we check out the Futon Factory for custom made and affordable futons made in Australia from quality materials. We also got our beautiful timber bed base from them, which I'll have to rave about in another post about our bedroom.

Stay tuned for sneak peeks into the other rooms of my house.